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Itty Bitty Buddies is a Westbank, British Columbia based breeder of Biewer puppies.

Our mission is to provide loving families with healthy, beautiful and good tempered puppies that are sure to enlighten your heart and soul. At Itty Bitty Buddies, we do not believe in keeping our parents or puppies locked up in cages. All of our dogs are kept, bred and born within our home and are given the attention, care and love they need to thrive and lead long, happy lives.

Finding the perfect Biewer puppy for you and your family has never been easier. When you contact Itty Bitty Buddies with an interest to adopting one of our puppies, we will always take the time to answer any and all questions you may have about the breed, temperament, care, and everything in between. We will also ask you some questions about your home, family and other aspects of your life to make sure that you are a good candidate to become a Biewer parent.

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Our dedication to our Biewer puppies is clear to anyone who has ever contacted us. We not only take pride in our litters, we also make sure that each and every adopted puppy is going to a loving, caring home, and is the perfect match for its adoptive family. This is why we interview each family before agreeing to their adopting a puppy. This benefits both our dogs and your family, as it allows us to find the puppy whose temperament we feel will best fit in with your family.

Adopting a Biewer puppy is a big commitment. While becoming a Biewer puppy parent can be extremely rewarding for both you and your puppy, it is also a big responsibility, and one that you should not take lightly. This is why we always encourage would-be puppy parents to get as much information about the breed and its care as possible before adopting, and to take the time necessary to decide whether they are ready to commit to their new puppy.

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